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Pseudo minecraft

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  1. PROLOGUE ...You walked into the tavern, dripping wet from the storm outside. It was dark, poorly lit by a few candles across the main counter. A rather brutish looking man was cleaning a beer glass behind it, looking at you with a dubious stare, scanning for anything that might make his business even harder than it already was. The people in the tavern all turned as you came in, staring intensively at you as you walked down towards the counter. Each step was as if you were on the point of tripping a bear trap. "Une chope s'il vous-plait," you asked. The mood brightened up into a sudden uproar, and people started cheering, chanting and dancing as a olden band played in one of the corners. It had turned from a empty room to a dinning hall. Beer and food flew over the tables, a few dwarves were on the point of smashing a table with an axe, and a bunch of men were showing off with an arm-wrestling contest. "Qu'est-ce qui se passe?" you gasped, shocked by this sudden mood swing. "Et bien, vous avez fait preuve de quelquechose que mon entreprise n'a pas vu depuis un peu de temps. Quelqu'un qui parle français!" answered the barman. "Comment-ça? N'est-ce pas coutume sur New-Stendel de parler français?" "Si, évidement que se l'est!" he replied, making signs with his hand to come closer. "Mais visiblement ce n'est pas la coutume de tout le monde." He pointed a table near the chimney, where a client was having a glass of wine by himself. Though lit by the fireplace, his face was covered by a cloak, making him unrecognizable. There was a red mask on the table, and a rather peculiar large scroll next to it. "Ce client est là depuis bien une semaine maintenant, mais il ne parle pas un mot de français." explained the barman. "Quelle langue parle-t-il alors?" "Anglais," he answered, and spit in a jug next to him on the floor, the slime ball resonating in the brass pot. "Et comment a-t-il commandé sa boisson?" "Il y avait Sieur Stalroc sur les lieux lors de son arrivée, et après une longue discussion avec lui, il commanda un verre de vin pour l'étranger... Mais c'est toujours son premier verre, et il est encore à moitié plain!" He had another look at the man, raising an eyebrow, before addinG: "Ce n'est pas que je ne veuille pas servir un étranger, mais il est mauvais pour le commerce. Les gens n'aiment pas quelqu'un qui ne chante pas avec eux quand ils sont un peu dans les vaps vous voyez...". You looked at the client again, intrigued, thanked and payed the barman, and slowly made you way towards the hooded figure. "Mind if I sat with you?" you asked. The stranger was a little shocked at first, but he look at you, and with a polite hand gesture, offered you a seat. the cloak shrouded his face, but he wore a long robe like pair of pants and silken belts. From one of his bracelets, you could recognize a few oriental symbols, though you didn't know what they meant. you heard a sudden drop fall onto the table, clearly coming from the cloaked face. A drop of red ooze glimmered in the fire light, crimson and gelatinous. The stranger quickly placed his hand over it, and cleaned it off with a single soft stroke, leaving the table cleaner than it was before. "Sir, pardon my rudeness, but I was wondering where you came from," you asked. The hooded figure turned towards you, slowly, and took his cloak off. What was revealed was a humanoid figure made out of red gelatin or slime, with pitch black eyes and mouth. He looked at you, perplexed. " You too are a rather special human I see. Only few have asked me anything to be honest, let alone anything about myself. Humans seem to be afraid of the unknown by nature, yet here you are asking a civilized question." He stared for a while, before saying: "I come from far away... LOST CHAPTER: Hellfire and Goo... CHAPTER 1: Bookworms and travellers CHAPTER 1.5 Trail of the Twisted Lumberjack CHAPTER 2: The foreshadowing of War CHAPTER 3: The Iron Behemoth over Dark Waters CHAPTER 3.5: Into the Black Smoke CHAPTER 4: Scroll and Fury CHAPTER 5: Roots: Renewing the Cherry Tree CHAPTER 6: Shadows of Kurogawa ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to the tales of a Blood Slime. As you might have noticed, it's in English. Have fun reading something new and exiting, linked to my experiences on this server. Currently there are 6 chapters planed (on top of the Lost chapter). These will serve as my personal RP for my future ranks (if ever I so wish to rank up), but also as a little fun story to add onto my Minefield adventure. I hope you enjoy my writing and hope to see you soon in game. regards, xadrow - Kawaii Akuma
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