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[Accepté] Villager Application by Xadrow - Candidature de Villageois par Xadrow


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Hello. My name is Alexandre, but people call me Alex for short. Ingame, I’m known as Xadrow, or even Kawaii Akuma by the odd few who know me well. I’m turning 20 in July. Unlike you might think, I’m not English, but Belgian. The reason I write in English is because I’m currently studying in the UK, and my French is too rusty for my liking.


My likes have evolved ever so slightly since the last time I presented myself, but not all that much: I still play video games (way too much), and I still play music, draw and I’m continuing my Engineering degree. I have, however, developed a particularly high interest in all that is Japanese Culture, from history to entertainment… okay, entertainment mainly, but I do like their history too.




[LINK TO MY PRESENTATION AFTER BECOMING A PEASANT: https://www.minefield.fr/forum/topic/53757-pr%C3%A9sentation-xadrow/?hl=xadrow]


I’ve been playing Minecraft for almost 4 years now. I’ve often visited Minefield, and I’m one of the main helpers of the Keysington project on Nabes [https://www.minefield.fr/forum/topic/54696-accept%C3%A9-keysington/?hl=keysington]. On top of this, I've helped in Kelaire and I've been asked to help design the Kutzenbach manor.


 I’d like to eventually build my own little town, as well as show my skills on the server. I specialize in Asian styled builds, but I’m a rather versatile builder, and I follow instructions well.


Here are some screenshots of my work on another server and in singleplayer minefield:











The main reason I’d like to become a villager (villageois) is because I really don’t like Questing, and without a job I can’t get any real form of revenue, so my pockets are emptying rapidly. Although Questing is a big thing on Minefield,I don't enjoy it, and I’d like to get a few Silver Coins to set up my projects, maybe attend a few more events and such. Although this rank would be more of prestige than of use, I'd like to get more involved in the community, and a rank up might help with this. Finally, I was peer pressured into it by quite a few friends (mainly TheGaudis).


If I was accepted as a villager (villageois), I would like to be a Lumberjack (bûcheron).




(note: this section is slightly longer than what is asked for, but I couldn't fit the thing in just 25 lines. Also, originally it was over 60 lines, so I did a LOT of editing)


Lost chapter: Hell Fire and goo…


Wh… Where am I? What are these sounds whaling in my ears, cries for help? All I can see is fire and ash in a crimson sky, as two roaring beasts clash with claws and teeth, shredding skin and limbs. The smoke burned my eyes as the gust created by the two behemoths blew towards me, corroding and burning all in its path… I was born in this world of war, bloodshed and the slaughter of thousands of Yōkai fighting for a trivial sister’s feud…


The next thing I remember was waking up in a devastated and ruined city, where all had turned black from the fires during the night. The bodies of countless lives that had been lost in the conflict, burned to a crisp, lay before my eyes in a horrific display of the cruelty of the world.


Suddenly, an old man, barely capable of walking, slowly made his way through the street, clearly horrified and on the brim of falling in tears at what had become of the city. As he came closer, he noticed me, and looked at me, quite intrigued by my presence, and, as I would discover later, my mere existence.

The old man lifted me up, and held me up in one hand. At this point I realized that I was but the size of a mouse, and I felt sliding through his fingers, like if my body wasn't solid. I fell, but his second hand caught me before I hit the ground.

“There there little guy,” the man said, with a reassuring voice. “Everything is going to be alright. Yare yare, what a mess this place is.”

I could hear the tears in his voice, as he looked onto what remained of a former food cart near a shop. He sighed. And slowly moved his hand up to his shoulder for me to sit on it, then slowly started making his way towards the Sakura Forest.

My new found father’s name was Akumajin. He told me the tale of the Yōkai Sisters, who caused the bloodshed and destruction. As the years passed, my father seemed to enjoy having more and more serious talks with me, about sciences and literature. However, I noticed that in all the references on Yōkai history, in all the books and scrolls, very little to no information existed concerning my origins.

It would take me another few years for me to ask: “Oto-san, what am I?”


My father looked at me, deep into my eyes, telling me without any words that I was, indeed, an unusual creature, even for the Yōkai. It was a dreaded question, which my father had anticipated, but had hoped never to have to answer.


“From what I've gathered over the years, I believe you are a Slime. Slimes are a rare breed for this time and age, most of them died out during the wars before the Age of Peace.”

This information alone was rather sad. Though I wasn't alone, I was rare around here. I slowly felt like the weight of judgement had been dropped onto me from the heavens, and I fell into the darkest of places I had been since my birth.


“Hey,” my father said. “Don't worry. I'm sure there are more of your kind out there, you just need to find them. If you feel like you're failing or lost, Don’t believe in yourself, believe in the me that believes in you, and you'll manage to find your path.”

He patted me on the head, and I felt his warmth pulling me out of the darkness. I wasn't alone, and I was the son of Akumajin, the old man in the Mori Shrine.


He looked towards the horizon. The Sakura trees were in blossom, spring had arrived. With a small pat on my back, he stood up, and slowly walked towards the altar. 

“You know what; I think I might have a mission for you.”

He picked up two large scrolls, which he then gave to me. They were heavy, and were probably about a meter wide.

“When the time is right, head towards the west, where you will look for Hikari and Yami, the Yōkai sisters. Give them these scrolls, and make them understand that I gave these in person. They might not like this, and you might get into trouble with them, but I hope they’ll understand… From what I have heard, they are currently still fighting in the plains of Shin-Stenderu (tr: New Stendel)… or something like that.”


I looked at him, and saw hope in his eyes. From there on, it wasn't long before I took my best hakama, my bokken and the scrolls, setting off towards the west, following the request of my father, and seeking out the Sisters. My journey had just begun, yet I felt like it had already started years ago.


I would later come to realize that my “childhood” years would turn out to be the best, but that, is a tale I’ll tell on another occasion...



(*take care*)



 Merci d’avoir eut le courage de lire jusqu’ici et merci de votre temps.




Xadrow (A.D.)




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Oh gosh, Finally you are here.


Man it's like years that I know you, and years too that I'm trying to make you pass the villager grade !

And Finally I'm here to support you, my friend! 


You are one of the most talented japanes builder I know at this time.

And of course I'm helping you, and you are helping me since years, and that is how we progress, together. 

When i don't know something, I'm just asking you and overturned !


So Yes, I'm for your villager grade man !


Big up for u !


Ps, see you later as a Citizens !

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Hey guys


(Sorry for my little English)


I'm here for give my support to my friend Xadrow. Xadrow is a nice player, active and reliable.

It's also a very good builder and I think that he could be a very good Villager.




Best regards my friend,



Member of Nevah, Alessis, and AVC.



PS : Very good work in your screenshot ! I'm not a fan of this style but It's the first time that I saw a nice build of Asian Style.

See you Soon !

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I don't really know you, but all I care about is that your builds are just awesome... And I like your RolePlay too. I really hope you can be villager, and I believe you will succeed at it.


Approved !


Oh, also, I'm sorry if there's a couple mistakes in that text (mine). I'm not of an English-Speaking country, and pretty young ! :P.

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I don't know you, but I just saw your application and I found it very nice, so that's the reason I'm here to support you! Besides, we don't have a lot of English speakers / writers on the server, so I think it's great to see other linguistic cultures by our side, it opens our mind!


Good luck, and have fun !


The English version of the Margoulin

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I'm here to support Xadrow in his villager application!


I spent just an hour with him but it was enough to see how much he was nice, even not a bad joke or a depleasant comment on the stupid things I said.


His wonderful buildings are another quality which prove that he has his place in the ranges of the Green People.


I think it's impossible that he stay grey, get him to the green!





PS: I'm sure that I made a lot of mistakes and I'm sorry for that ^^'

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My little Xadrow is applying for the villager rank

You should've told me, I almost failed to support you.

It is always a pleasure to see samples of your work and i kind of miss the days when we were working together on keysington's architecture.

I hope this application will be approved.


You have my +1

Hope to see you soon on minefield !


Best regards

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I have read the scroll where your request to become a villager is written. I am impressed by the big road you have taken to be here in the kingdom of Minefield to try to do your quest. I am also very sorry to tell you that I have never heard about any Yōkai sisters in the land of New-Stendel, but I hope you will find them to be able to do your quest and also to find your destiny.


Perhaps, if you go in the great library of Stendel you could find some information about your mission, but I can't ensure that you will find all yours answers.


With all that, your request respects all requirements to become a villager, except the fact that you have more than 25 lines, but I point out the effort to remove a lot of word and still make a very good story about you, so it's all right.


So, congratulations to your new rank and good luck for the next event of your adventure!

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