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Tales of a Blood Slime


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...You walked into the tavern, dripping wet from the storm outside. It was dark, poorly lit by a few candles across the main counter. A rather brutish looking man was cleaning a beer glass behind it, looking at you with a dubious stare, scanning for anything that might make his business even harder than it already was. The people in the tavern all turned as you came in, staring intensively at you as you walked down towards the counter. Each step was as if you were on the point of tripping a bear trap.


"Une chope s'il vous-plait," you asked.


The mood brightened up into a sudden uproar, and people started cheering, chanting and dancing as a olden band played in one of the corners. It had turned from a empty room to a dinning hall. Beer and food flew over the tables, a few dwarves were on the point of smashing a table with an axe, and a bunch of men were showing off with an arm-wrestling contest. 


"Qu'est-ce qui se passe?" you gasped, shocked by this sudden mood swing.


"Et bien, vous avez fait preuve de quelquechose que mon entreprise n'a pas vu depuis un peu de temps. Quelqu'un qui parle français!" answered the barman.


"Comment-ça? N'est-ce pas coutume sur New-Stendel de parler français?"


"Si, évidement que se l'est!" he replied, making signs with his hand to come closer. "Mais visiblement ce n'est pas la coutume de tout le monde."


He pointed a table near the chimney, where a client was having a glass of wine by himself. Though lit by the fireplace, his face was covered by a cloak, making him unrecognizable. There was a red mask on the table, and a rather peculiar large scroll next to it.


"Ce client est là depuis bien une semaine maintenant, mais il ne parle pas un mot de français." explained the barman.


"Quelle langue parle-t-il alors?"


"Anglais," he answered, and spit in a jug next to him on the floor, the slime ball resonating in the brass pot.


"Et comment a-t-il commandé sa boisson?"


"Il y avait Sieur Stalroc sur les lieux lors de son arrivée, et après une longue discussion avec lui, il commanda un verre de vin pour l'étranger... Mais c'est toujours son premier verre, et il est encore à moitié plain!"

He had another look at the man, raising an eyebrow, before addinG:


"Ce n'est pas que je ne veuille pas servir un étranger, mais il est mauvais pour le commerce. Les gens n'aiment pas quelqu'un qui ne chante pas avec eux quand ils sont un peu dans les vaps vous voyez...".


You looked at the client again, intrigued, thanked and payed the barman, and slowly made you way towards the hooded figure.


"Mind if I sat with you?" you asked.


The stranger was a little shocked at first, but he look at you, and with a polite hand gesture, offered you a seat.

the cloak shrouded his face, but he wore a long robe like pair of pants and silken belts. From one of his bracelets, you could recognize a few oriental symbols, though you didn't know what they meant. you heard a sudden drop fall onto the table, clearly coming from the cloaked face. A drop of red ooze glimmered in the fire light, crimson and gelatinous. The stranger quickly placed his hand over it, and cleaned it off with a single soft stroke, leaving the table cleaner than it was before.


"Sir, pardon my rudeness, but I was wondering where you came from," you asked.


The hooded figure turned towards you, slowly, and took his cloak off. What was revealed was a humanoid figure made out of red gelatin or slime, with pitch black eyes and mouth. He looked at you, perplexed. 


" You  too are a rather special human I see. Only few have asked me anything to be honest, let alone anything about myself. Humans seem to be afraid of the unknown by nature, yet here you are asking a civilized question."


He stared for a while, before saying:


"I come from far away...


LOST CHAPTER: Hellfire and Goo...


Wh… Where am I? What are these sounds whaling in my ears, cries for help? All I can see is fire and ash in a crimson sky, as two roaring beasts clash with claws and teeth, shredding skin and limbs. The smoke burned my eyes as the gust created by the two behemoths blew towards me, corroding and burning all in its path… I was born in this world through war and bloodshed. I was the spawn of the slaughter of thousands of Yōkai, fighting for a trivial sister’s feud…


The next thing I remember was waking up in a devastated and ruined city, where all had turned black from the fires during the night. The bodies of countless lives that had been lost in the conflict, burned to a crisp, lay before my eyes in a horrific display of the cruelty of the world. At this point in time, I didn’t know much about anything.



Suddenly, an old man, barely capable of walking, slowly made his way through the street, clearly horrified and on the brim of falling in tears at what had become of the city. As he came closer, he noticed me, and looked at me, quite intrigued by my presence, and, as I would discover later, my mere existence.


The old man lifted me up, and held me up in one hand. At this point I realised that I was but the size of a mouse, and I felt sliding through his fingers, like if my body wasn’t solid. I fell, but his second hand caught me before I hit the ground.


“There there little guy,” the man said, with a reassuring voice. “Everything is going to be alright. Yare yare, what a mess this place is.”

I could hear the tears in his voice, as he looked onto what remained of a former food car near a shop. He sighed. And slowly moved his hand up to his shoulder for me to sit on it, then slowly started making his way towards the Sakura Forest.




My newfound father’s name was Akumajin. He told me the tale of the Yōkai Sisters, who caused the bloodshed as they were fighting over the thrown of the Kingdom. As the years past, I learned more and more about the history behind the island we were on, and learned to appreciate the small things in life, like a good meal and a place to rest. The shrine we lived in had been abandoned for a while, and because of his old age, my father couldn’t do much refurbishing.


When I was about 8 years old, my father seemed to enjoy having more and more serious talks with me, about sciences and literature. To top it off, he made work of the fields behind the shrine, which taught me the values of hard work and built me into a strong Yōkai. However, I noticed that in all the references on Yōkai history, in all the books and scrolls, very little to no information existed concerning me.


It would take me another few years for me to ask a dreaded question, which my father had anticipated, but had hoped never to have to answer.


“Oto-san, what am I?”


My father looked at me, deep into my eyes, telling me without any words that I was, indeed, an unusual creature, even for the Yōkai.


“From what I’ve gathered over the years, I believe you are a Slime. Slimes are a rare breed for this time and age, most of them died out during the wars before the Age of Peace. And to top this off, you’re a very particular kind of Slime: a Blood Slime. Crimson red, born from the bloodshed, usually on the battlefield, blood slimes where feared, mainly because people thought they were violent and bloodthirsty.”


I slowly felt like the weight of judgement had been dropped onto me from the heavens. I was the spawn of warfare, the spawn of the Yōkai Sisters’ feud. Moreover, my people where considered worse than Oni. And to top it all off, we were extinct. I was alone…


“Hey,” my father said. “I’m not finished with my tale. Slimes are the most peaceful Yōkai You’ll ever see. They understand the true meaning of life in community, following rules and codes, while being just and kind at the same time. To be honest, people will probably be jealous of your calm nature. And whatever happens, you’ll always be my little Kawaii Akuma.”


He patted me on the head, and I felt his warmth pulling me out of the darkness of my nature. I was not a brutish creature of warfare; I was the son of Akumajin, the old man in the Mori Shrine.


He looked towards the horizon. The Sakura trees were in blossom, spring had arrived. With a small pat on my back, he stood up, and slowly walked towards the altar. 


 “You know what; I think I might have a mission for you.”


He picked up two large scrolls, which he then gave to me. They were heavy, and were probably about a meter wide.


“When the time is right, head towards the west, where you will look for Hikari and Yami, the Yōkai sisters. Give them these scrolls, and make them understand that I gave these to you in person. They might not like this, and you might get into trouble with them, but I hope they’ll understand… From what I have heard, they are currently still fighting in the plains of Shin-Stenderu… or something like that. I believe the locals call it New Stendel, but meh, I don’t know for sure.”


I looked at him, and saw hope in his eyes. I was to take over a task that he couldn’t complete, and I felt it was my duty towards him to complete it. From there on, it wasn’t long before I took my best hakama, my bokken and the scrolls, setting off towards the west, following the request of my father, and seeking out the Sisters. My journey had just begun, yet I felt like it had already started years ago.


I would later come to realize that my “childhood” years would turn out to be the best, but that, is a tale I’ll tell on another occasion.



CHAPTER 1: Bookworms and travellers

I remember the voyage being long. A fisherman gave me a lift off the island, and brought me to what was considered the mainland. I gave him a share of the few silver pieces I had that my father had saved up for my travel, and bid him farewell. From the small village I had arrived at, I needed to somehow get to the lands of New-Stendel. Along the pier I saw larger ships, and crewmen carrying crates filled with unknown riches.


People were too busy to notice me: some lifted crates; others yelled at the latter, others were taking a break from a long day of hard labour. As I walked around, the commotion seemed to only get bigger and bigger, more and more people appearing. I finally found a building that resembled somewhat a dock master’s office. As I entered, I saw rows of people writing pages, reading books and reviewing crew registers for departing ships. I found a reception, and a young lady was silently working on a register.


“Pardon me madam”, I started. “Would you know if there was a ship heading towards the Counties of New-Stendel?”


The young lady looked at me perplexed. I didn’t know if it was because of my appearance or my tone of language, but she answered in a clam and soothing voice:

“New-Stendel? No ship will take you there sir.”


“Why not?”


“Because the voyage would be way too long,” she answered. “We’re talking about a year’s worth of sailing. The closest we can take you however is the City of Stendel. From there, there are certain means to get to your desired location without the excess travel time.”

“Oh, well then, how long does it take to get to Stendel?”


“That’s only three months’ worth of travel, but across a rather violent ocean. We have a ship leaving tomorrow in the early hours, but it’s a carrier ship, bringing a shipment of Iron and Coal to the city.”


“Is there any way I could join the crew?”


The receptionist had an inquisitive look at me, judging if I would survive the voyage. She hesitated for a while, and after a brief moment of silence, she started writing a commendation letter. She handed it to me, and told me to go see the Captain of the ship.




As the morning dawned on our 90th day at sea, I woke up the sound of seagulls. Land wasn’t far now, and it would only be another hour before we arrived. The seagulls sang and the water hit the hull in a calm and harmonious encore. I had arrived. As I walked towards the centre of the town, I heard music, I saw hundreds of citizens, all running around, materials I had never seen before, shops filled to the brim with food, furniture, gems and armour. There was somewhat of a queue near a tree, and a man was giving out instructions here and there to people who came towards him. As my turn came, I spoke:

“Hello good sir. I hear you have means of travelling towards New-Stendel around here. I come from very far, and I have to prevent a war from erupting once more…”


The man looked at me with wide eyes, shocked by my story. He looked a little distressed, and made a sign with his hands for me to stop talking. He called loudly for someone to come, and a new, clearly nobler man came at the counter. He had a quick chat with my previous interlocutor, before taking me on the side and offering me a walk around the square. A few fish were swimming in the fountain.

He then spoke, with a harsh accent:


“First off, Welcome to Stendel. My name is Forfal.”

“Greetings kind sir, my name is Xadrow”.


“Xadrow hun? Not a common name around here. Where are you from, if I may ask?”

“I come from the East, the far island of Akuma no Tochi.”


“Akuma no… I’m sorry I haven’t heard of that place, but I can see you come from far away. Now, unfortunately for you, although the Lands of Stendel do accommodate all kinds of travellers, you might have a few issues here and there. People around these lands do not speak your language well, if even at all.”


“I’m sorry?”


“Around here the people speak French, a Latin rooted language.”


I stopped and thought for a moment. I didn’t even consider this would be an issue.


“I am deeply sorry for wasting your time…” I started.


“Don’t worry; I’m here to help you.” He said, smiling. “It’s such a rare opportunity that I cannot miss it for a thing. Now, tell me why a Slime would come and visit our lands.”


I told him the tales of the sisters, and although he didn’t understand my language as well as I had hoped, he understood my tale.


“Unfortunately I know nothing about these siblings you speak of. However, you might find some answers to your quest in the Library. Either way, I wish you best of luck on your travel. May our paths cross again at some point.”


He smiled, gave me a small map, and indicated my next objective. He pointed towards a large gate made out of purple fire. I bid my farewell, and slowly made my way towards the gateway. As I came closer, I felt my body being dragged into it, and as I touched the flames, I was carried through space itself, and appeared in front of a different scene. A large square surrounded by houses made of stone and wood, and hundreds more people running around, some by foot, some on a horse. Giant birds flew over the city, with what seemed people riding them. An executioner was pleasantly waiting next to his death contraption, and man with a top hat was sitting on a 4 meter pole.

I had a glance at my map, and followed it to the library.


The exterior of the building was rather deceiving. Nothing really showed it was a library. A pair of heavy metal doors led to a staircase, with a couple of armour stands showing of the deep purple and black colours of the city. Once I had passed the arches though, I saw stacks and stacks of thousands of books, all with different covers and colours. There were probably over a million of them, and somehow, I needed to find some information about the sisters… Well, first thing was first, because it was a recent event, I wouldn’t find much in the older books. I went to the counter where an old man was tending and mending an old manuscript, and as he saw me, he started talking:


“Pour préserver les lieux, veuillez bien faire attention de ne pas laisser de tache ou de morceaux de vous-même monsieur… ”


I didn’t understand what he said, but it was clearly something he would have said to any costumer.


“Hello, I’m looking for anything related to the Yokai sisters… If you have anything that is…”


The man was shocked, he wasn’t expecting hearing English apparently.


“The Yokai sisters? I don’t recall receiving anything on their behalf… We do have an eastern Mythos section, through the arch and to your left.”


“Thank you kind sir”.


He looked perplexed as I left towards the left wing, clearly shaken by my speech. From what I had learned from Forfal, I couldn’t blame him...


The shelves were covered in books and parchments, layered with a thin coat of dust to top off the old library look. It seemed the area had not been visited for a while. I looked around, and found a row of books under Mythos regarding a city named Amaterasu. It told the tales of how the Gods fought each other with armies of creatures they had created, Kami, Oni’s and Yokai. The city was the resting place of lost souls, and guarded by two Nagas, powerful dragon like creatures.

These dragons gave me hope for a while that I was on the right track, but unfortunately the tales were way too old compared to the events of my homeland, and the dragons were described as being emerald, not red or blue.

A few other names came up, like the Miko Instute, a place where Yokai would treat human travellers to hot springs. It would have seemed that they were cursed with the presence of the Serpent Orochi, but I found little information about the events. I seemed like the town had been abandoned form what the records stated. Some human villages came up as well, villages like Shiki no Mura, Tsuribashi and Yasumi no Shima. I looked little into these because I was focusing on non-human history.

The more I looked into the depths of the library, the less and less I found. Little was known about the Yokai habitants of the land. I needed to find answers, so my best bet was to travel to the city of Amaterasu.

I left the library, thanking the librarian for his time. As I left he looked concerned about something, but I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. The night had fallen, and the streets were even more filled with people than before. Merchants running around with new stocks, horse riders galloping around and showing off their steeds, and guards were patrolling around. I looked at the map again, and tried following the indications towards the New-Stendel Portal.

Another large purple fired gate stood before me, and as I crossed it I was sent into a new environment. The place was a lot less crowded and located not far from what seemed like a forge. Not far from there a small square with a fountain attracted numerous citizens, all running around in all directions. Clearly these lands were all about travel I thought; travel and trade. I looked for a guard, and asked him how to get to Amaterasu.

“Follow the road of the Northern Suburb, through the lands of Nevah, and past the citadel of the Dominion. From there, follow the red flags and you’ll get to your destination,” he answered through his thick beard and heavy armoured helmet. He clearly had a tough time standing all day surveying the same spot in that heavy set of plated armor, I kind of felt bad for him. Nevertheless, I thanked him, and headed off to the city of Amaterasu.

Little did I know that my interference in the events that would follow would change so much…


CHAPTER 1.5 Trail of the Twisted Lumberjack

This chapter will appear when I'll prepare my citizen rank up.


CHAPTER 2: The foreshadowing of War

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CHAPTER 3: The Iron Behemoth over Dark Waters

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CHAPTER 3.5: Into the Black Smoke




Tells the story after the Keysington revolution.



The city was lit ablaze, the people rioting in front of the palace gates. It would not be long before the crowd marched through the halls and killed the King.



I had managed to board the Behemoth along with Dokhas, Gaudis and Glieps, who felt the situation was getting out of hand. Ropes were untied, the anchor was lifted, and the engines were turned on. The Behemoth roared, its metal hull shrieking as it turned away from the air docks. As we distanced ourselves from the islands, a dark smoke rose from the upper city. The wind was blowing hard, the masts rattled. We had managed to leave just before the apocalypse.



As I gazed onto the carnage that laid before me, I felt a hand on my shoulder.



“It is the nature of man to seek violence. We cannot be quelled. If we cannot find an enemy, we create one.” Said Dokhas.



I turned my gaze onto the burning island. Memories of a burning inferno flashed before my eyes, and roaring beasts clashing in the sky… but this was different. This was not a mythical tale of monsters jousting in the heavens. This was man wanting to kill his brethren because he felt overruled, betrayed or enslaved to a system that he didn’t see fitting to his own desires. This was the uprising of a people who worked hard without any form of joy or happiness, mining coal and gems, which they would never see again once they left the caves.



I slowly moved away from the edge of the ship, and made my way to the mess hall. Gaudis and Glieps were in a heated debate with the captain. While my colleagues seemed to be hard on the offensive, the captain looked bizarrely calm, clearly not impressed by the two young men calling him out for whatever he was having a debate on.



“Comment osez-vous changer de cap sans nous en informer?” said Gaudis, furious. “Nous avions une destination claire, et ni moi ni Glieps ne vous avons donnés de nouvelles directives”



“ Je vous l’ai déjà dit, et je vous le répète, il est hors de question de voler vers Icarus. ” answered the captain. “La zone a été signalée comme à risque, je ne compte pas mettre l’équipage en danger.”



“ Et comme passer par Kutzenbach n’est pas une option non plus, vous compter  faire un énorme détour et faire escale à Kallanos.” continued Glieps, his fur ruffling up.



“Risk?” I asked, interrupting the debate. “What risk?”



The captain turned around to face me, put a book on the table, and took a deep breath.



“A rogue camp of magical creatures has been spotted in the plains to the east of Icarus. The Empire having dealt with such creatures in the past, decided to blockade the entire region. And it’s a good thing too: a dragon has been spotted near the camp too. I’m not flying into dragon territory.”



“Dragons wouldn’t dare travel near Icarus” said Glieps. “Not with the dwarves of Drygalkarak so close.”



“I’m not leaving that to chance. I will not fly the Behemoth into dragon territory.”



The three men continued their bickering and arguing, with no signs of changing opinion. Dragons were no small threat, which I knew more than well. But why would dragons travel to Icarus of all places? Glieps was right, the dwarves would have shot the beast down had it come to close, and most dragons in the region, from what I had been told by my new colleagues during our voyage to Keysington, knew of the danger that the darves posed to them… Unless… this wasn’t an old dragon, but a new and younger one…



I hastily walked to the communications bridge, and looked for the registry of messages received. The messages were ordered by the date and time of receipt, and it didn’t take long before I found an intermission from signed by the Empire.



“ Les plaines suds de New-Stendel sont à présent une zone à risque. STOP.


Des créatures magiques non-identifiées ont installé un camp de guerre. STOP.


Un grand Naga bleu a été identifié dans le camp. STOP.


Tout navire aérien est déconseillé de voyager dans la zone. STOP


Des compensations terrestres seront mises à la disposition des marchands pour rejoindre Icarus. STOP


Sahbia est complètement inaccessible à pied ou par les airs, et les voies maritimes ne sont pas sécurisés. STOP



Soyez prudents,


Direction des voies Aériennes de L’Empire. STOP”



A blue naga… it couldn’t be… Ao ? Hikari’s dragon? Could it be that I had finally found one of the sisters? My body filled with glee and angst, my slime churning inside of me, boiling, spattering. I had found a clue to my quest…



My joy only lasted a few moments though, as the ship started to rattle and shake. The metal resonated and twisted along the welding seems, pipes filled with pressurized gas whistled and bowelled. I grabbed onto the railing leading to the outer door, and made my way outside. The sky had turned black, the wind was slapping the hull with all its might. There was no rain, there was no storm. A dark wind blackened by ash and soot filled the sky, plunging the air into an obscure mist filled with debris and dust. Something was burning. The coal in the air made it unbreathable. The masts rattled as they were pelted with sharpness, stones and sand. You couldn’t see anything but your feet.



I kept to the railing and made my way through the black fog toward the main cabin where I had left the captain and the others. As I tried opening the door, a large lump flew right into my face, with such a velocity that it passed right through my head, and continued its trajectory carried by the wind. I stumbled backwards, my vision started fading. As the lights dimmed around me, the door opened, and a figure tried carrying me back inside…



As I fell deep into darkness, I arrived into a small room, lit only by an open fireplace. The coals were slowly eating away at the freshly cut wood laying on top of them. The room had two arm chairs in front of the hearth, a small study covered in books and parchments, and a window bordered by two large red velvet curtains, one slightly covering the sill. The light coming from outside came from the moon reflecting onto a large open ocean, with an island in the background, burning. The hellfire was fading, and only a few faint orange sparks gave away the state of the damage that had occurred.



Sitting in one of the large armchairs was a rather large looking man, with a well-trimmed moustache and a pair of small spectacles on the tip of his nose. A dark yet warm and comforting aura emanated from him. He was clearly a wealthy and charismatic man, and from the different schematics I could see laying around the room, a man of science.



“Why hello dear my dear boy” he said, lifting his eyes from the book he was reading. “What have you brought me today?”



“This… this place… am I… dead?”



“Oh no young man, you are far from dead, just a little shaken up that’s all.”


He smiled, and offered me a seat. The hearth slowly warmed me up.



“Would you care for a drink?” he asked.



“Uhm… no thank you good sir… wh… who are you?”



“Well, I’m known by many names. Some might refer to me as a rather special engineer, other as a demon incarnate. I have been bestowed names such as Kar… oh, my bad, maybe I shouldn’t have said that one. You may call me Akuma.”



“Akuma...” I shuddered. “Are you in league with any of Orochi’s desendants?”



“Oh goodness no, do not worry, I do not come from the East, nor am I in the leagues of Orochi.”


I sighed in relief… but too soon.



“I am far worse than that old snake.” He added.


I froze. The air in the room suddenly felt a lot colder. My breath condensed as I exhaled, and cold sweat started dripping along my spine. The light slowly dimmed, but the man remained lit with a fiery aura.



“Do not worry” he said. “I have no intension of harming you. I was just exited to meet you.”



“Me? Why?”



“Oh, your purpose for me will be apparent soon enough. But that is not the reason I brought you here today. I heard you’ve taken on a quest of dragon spotting.”






“Very few remain on New-Stendel. Other than the two nagas protecting Amaterasu, you won’t find a lot of them. Yet, I would like to ask a favour of you.”



“A… favour?”



“Indeed.” He laid back into his chair, joining his hands, methodically examining me. “You see, I am willing to tell you the exact location of both Yami and Hikari, provided once your quest is over, you embark on a small other one for me.”



“A quest… For you to ask this of me, it mustn’t be without danger. Clearly a man of your stature doesn’t feel adventurous enough to undertake this challenge on his own.”


His eyes turned a deep amber, and though his face didn’t betray any emotion, I could sense an oppressing fury around me.



“You flatter me, but I have no fear of the outside.” He opened his book. I could see the drawing of a black shadow with what seen like large wings made of smoke and ash. “The eternal plague, the infernal shadow, the dark spectre… many names have been bestowed to this creature. The people in these Lands know it as the symbol of a bygone era where an old alliance faced the Empire with no remorse. The task I entrust you with is rather simple. Find this elder dragon of old.”



“Find it. That’s it?”



“Well, when and if you find it, you won’t be alone, I’ll make sure of that. You’ll understand more what your task implies when it comes. For now, let me tell you what you want to know”.


He closed the book, and all the lights turned off. The room was pitch black, but the two hellfire orange eyes glowing in front of me, starring into my soul.



“Hikari has set up camp in the south of New Stendel, but you’ve learned that from the Empire’s telegram back on the Behemoth. Yami however moved her followers further away, and travelled to the far regions of the Miko Institute of Fairies and Yokai. Be very cautious xadrow. We will meet again, sooner than you may think…” The lights suddenly disappeared. I opened my eyes.



I was on a bed in what looked like an infirmary. A bursting headache complimented a broken back and what seemed like a cast around my left arm. The room was filled with sunlight streaming through large windows. Nurses were coming in and out of the room, hastily, carrying large metal platters covered in bandages, potions and surgical instruments, while men dressed in robes were attending more patients. As I looked around, other people were laying on similar beds, but in what seemed a lot worse conditions than what I was in.



“T’es enfin réveillé?” asked a familiar voice. I turned, and Gaudis was sitting by my side, a goblet of beer in one of his hands.



“Where did you get that from?” I asked, smilling.



“Les moines ici ont de la plutôt bonne bière, et puis, ils me connaissent assez bien par ici. 



“Where are we anyhow?”



“ On est dans l’abbaye de Kélaire. On a réussi à convaincre le capitaine de nous apporter la, avec toi dans le coma ça n’a pas été trop compliqué. ”



“ Coma? How long was I out for?”



“Une semaine ou deux” he answered, with a stern expression.



An awkward silence formed, but it was soon broken by a monk.



“Ah, monsieur est enfin réveillé. Ce n’est pas que je veuille vous forcer la chose, mais pourrais-je savoir si monsieur est assuré en tant que citoyen de l’Empire ?



“ Allons bon père Joseph ! L’homme vient de se réveiller de deux semaines dans un coma et vous venez le tracasser avec de telles formalités ? Honteux je dis bien, honteux. ”



The priest moved away, clearly offended by Gaudis.



“Citizen of the Empire?”



“Ouais, en tant que citoyen tes frais médicaux sont couverts par l’état… mais t’inquiète pas, j’ai envoyé missive auprès des ministères adéquats. Avec un peu de chance tes documents arriverons d’ici quelques jours… on semaines, on ne sait jamais avec l’administration de l’Empire.”



I smiled. Me, a citizen of the Empire… who would have thought? All I knew is that it was another step forward, and that my quest would continue from there…




CHAPTER 4: Scroll and Fury

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CHAPTER 5: Roots: Renewing the Cherry Tree

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CHAPTER 6: Shadows of Kurogawa

nothing here yet. This might be only chapter we currently have a actual story line for... please wait for updates.



Welcome to the tales of a Blood Slime.


As you might have noticed, it's in English. Have fun reading something new and exiting, linked to my experiences on this server. Currently there are 6 chapters planed (on top of the Lost chapter).

These will serve as my personal RP for my future ranks (if ever I so wish to rank up), but also as a little fun story to add onto my Minefield adventure.

I hope you enjoy my writing and hope to see you soon in game.



regards, xadrow -  Kawaii Akuma



15/08/15 - posted Lost chapter

26/08/15 - posted Chapter 1; Spoiled chapter names

22/11/15 - added introductory art

12/05/16 - added chapter 3.5 (citizen RP)

Edited by xadrow
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Hey xadrow !

I read all the chapter and It's very very nice. I like this !

The mix with english narration and French dialogue is very good.

And xadrow ... sorry if my english is not very good ^^

So it's not very hard to understand your RP and it's nice to read this !


Well, good luck for the next chapters in the future and see you soon in Mumble or Minefield !



Best regards,


The first of his name,

Lord of Simurgh,

Foundator of "Les Fondations Stalroc".


PS : I like the word "very" x)

I always use this word.

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Hello Hello. I've finished the first chapter.

chapter 1.5 is being written, but wont appear for a while.

chapters 2 and 4 wont appear until certain things happen on the server, which means that unfortunately there wont be any updates for a while. I do hope you enjoy the read though (even if it's all in english).


Until next time,



Shogun and servant of the Yokai Sisters,

Self-proclaimed Japanese Architecture specialist.

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Hello les gens. J'ai un petit soucis:


Voyez vous, je suis à une impasse dans mes RP. Vous aurez peut-etre remarqué que je n'écris pas mes chapitres dans l'ordre. J'en finirais un nouveau d'ici peu, mais je vous pose la question suivante:


preferiez vous un gros volume de tous les premiers chapitres dans l'ordre (ce qui prendra encore bien quelques nombreuses semaines), ou voudriez vous les chapitres dès qu'ils soit pret, et vous vous amuserez à les lire dans l'ordres le moment venu?


Ce qui change sera le temps de parution.


Voila, merci de votre attention, a bientot o/

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