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[Accepté] Citizen Application by Xadrow - Candidature Citoyenne de Xadrow

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.


It is with great pride that I would like to present my Citizen rank application.






My name is Alexandre, but people call me Alex here in England. It’s shorter and easier. Online I’m mostly known as Xadrow, or even Kawaii Akuma for the few who know me via Steam. I’ll be turning 21 in July.

People clearly don’t really read through the IRL section of these presentations because I’ve been asked my origins by people who up voted my previous application, so I’ll just repeat myself : I’m Belgian, born in Antwerp, from 2 Belgian parents. I am not English, I only study in an English university. I choose to write all my official statements in English because of several reasons, some more justifiable than others; though you will rarely hear me speak English on mumble. I’m still happy that I manage to surprise some people when they hear me speak French. It amuses me to be honest.

I’m nearing the end of my Engineering Degree, and my passions remain the same as about a year ago.

















I‘ve been playing “properly” on Minefield for a little under a year now, and quite a few things have happened since then.

From small to large, here are a few things I’ve managed to get involved in:


-I was invited to join the team behind “Le Gorafield”, although I’ve not invested myself as much as some other members, I’ve made small contributions when it came to drawings or buildings.


-I successfully launched my own project, Akuma Kyodai. This project took me a long time to prepare, way before I started really getting into Minefield. It turned out to be better than I expected, with a huge territory I can continuously improve on, and a surprisingly great feedback from the community, who seem to either enjoy the style or were captivated by the time and effort I put into it (you can click on the banner Icon in my signature for more info  ).








-I was offered a role as an Architect for the Neo-Dominion. I’ve since made plans for the rebuilt ruins of Rupture Farm, redesigned the Citadel’s Bank, have been working on redesigning the whole exterior of the Citadel, and have given my input on several other structures the alliance intend to work on.


-I rebuilt and redesigned the entire city of Amaterasu, as well as help the moderation create the event that came with it. The quests were written by TheGaudis, Zovsky and myself, while the different assets were designed by the AAA. The interiors were decorated by Ymeria and myself. All the redesigns for the buildings, city layout and exterior decorations were my work. I am really proud of this project, mostly because of the time and effort I put into it. Amaterasu was an icon of Japanese architecture well before I got any interest in the building style, and I found it sad to see such a monument descend into the shadows of a bygone world. The redesign happened way before I was invited to join the Neo-Dominion, so it was a happy coincidence I would say (and for the curious people, I rebuilt it on exact measurements, all in creative, without world edit). It also happened that I was working on Akuma Kyodai at the same time, and, for the more astute people, you may find links between the lore of both projects (wink wink).







I feel like to sharing a little gif from Dicsi here, it feels so appropriate:





Apart from these, I’ve also been offered a house by Vimill in the “Bourg de Koturno”, I gave Kefka advice on his building style for his town Yasumi no Shima (prior to launching my own project), I won one of the top prizes during the “Novi vide ses Bourses” event, won third place in Nouvelle-Azur’s 2015 building contest and managed to get myself known, for better or for worse, as the guy who speaks English on a French server.






So why would I like to become a Citizen (Citoyen)?


Well, first off, I’ll be honest, it allows me to choose a new craft from a wider selection, which will probably be a herbalist (herboriste) or a carpenter (menuisier), I haven't completely decided as of yet. This in turn will allow me to expand my project even more than what I currently can. This choice will be added in my later RP.


Secondly, I would like a better horse. This again may sound silly, but ever since I got the villager horse I’ve got issues to travel without it.


Thirdly, I’d be lying if it were not for the prestige. Being a citizen would be proof that I’m a known and integrated member of society. It would mean I’d have managed to create a name for myself, and that people acknowledge my place in the community (this is under normal circumstances, I could show several examples contradicting my point).


But one of the more “worthy” reasons I’d like to become a citizen is because I’d like to prove something: I’d like to prove that even if you don’t follow the norm you can still be recognized as a good person, a productive member of society, and that it is possible to succeed and have fun with people who might not speak the same language as you. My motivation comes from everyone who’s been either kind or brave enough to have even a few basic words with me in English, from older and newer players alike. I’ve been fascinated by this community, for its madness, for its skill, for its determination and for its wits. I feel that if I manage to be offered this new rank, it would serve as a message that it is possible to change people’s minds with just a few words in a foreign language.


So, what if (theoretically) I was accepted as a citizen? What would be next on my agenda?


Well, from that point on, I’ll be continuing my work on Akuma Kyodai and the Neo-Dominion, but I’ll be working my way up to becoming a merchant (commerçant) at some point, and, who knows, maybe build a new castle or something, add a new volcano in the Neo-Dominion desert, build a temple in honor of Aelfyr, anything could happen… I have no interest in having a house in either capital. This might change at a future date, but I’ll probably go about pursuing a new residence when I launch my Knight application.






-TheGaudis. My adventure would never have come to this point had it not been for him. I could go on and on on how he’s shaped me into the player I am today, but I’ll save that for my future applications. He’s a good friend and mentor, let’s keep it at that.


-Stalroc. This man may as well be an unofficial godfather to me just as much as TheGaudis. He’s a bright man and a magnificent architect, which I strive to surpass on a daily basis. He’s also the reason I’m writing in English on the server, so you can blame him instead of me from now on.


-Zovsky. On top of helping me with the write up for the quests for the Amaterasu event, Zovsky recognised my building skills and invited me to join the Neo Dominion core group. This was a large event for me, and the ties of friendship I’ve built with him thus far will not fade anytime soon.






- All the members of the Neo-Dominion: they are a wonderful bunch of people who have a great drive and strive to show what they are capable of;


- The Dwarves of Galianor: For the times we used to work together, as I still find your work was interesting and, to a certain extent, rather brilliant;


- The Vampire Bund: For showing me that the Role-playing etiquette has not died yet;


-The Frowin Nation, for the kind offerings you have bestowed upon me and my project;


- The Moderation team. I feel not enough people thank you for the time and effort you put into all of this, from reading our applications to all the work you do in the background. If it were not for you (and Hooder in particular), I would not have been able to offer my vision of Amaterasu to the players.


- Anyone who’s been reading this. Wow, you’re really dedicated aren’t you?






Here comes the annoying bit for whoever is actually really interested with my RP. In this applications I will only present the section that is relevant to the actual application. However, there are quite a few parts between this “chapter” and “LOST CHAPTER: Hell Fire and Goo…”.

These events can be read in the RP tavern under the thread “Tales of a Blood Slime”. I am also aware that some chapters are missing… quite a few actually. They will appear one day, I promise, but I haven’t had a lot of time to give recently when it comes to writing.





CHAPTER 3.5: Into the Black Smoke


Tells the story after the Keysington revolution.


The city was lit ablaze, the people rioting in front of the palace gates. It would not be long before the crowd marched through the halls and killed the King.


I had managed to board the Behemoth along with Dokhas, Gaudis and Glieps, who felt the situation was getting out of hand. Ropes were untied, the anchor was lifted, and the engines were turned on. The Behemoth roared, its metal hull shrieking as it turned away from the air docks. As we distanced ourselves from the islands, a dark smoke rose from the upper city. The wind was blowing hard, the masts rattled. We had managed to leave just before the apocalypse.


As I gazed onto the carnage that laid before me, I felt a hand on my shoulder.


“It is the nature of man to seek violence. We cannot be quelled. If we cannot find an enemy, we create one.” Said Dokhas.


I turned my gaze onto the burning island. Memories of a burning inferno flashed before my eyes, and roaring beasts clashing in the sky… but this was different. This was not a mythical tale of monsters jousting in the heavens. This was man wanting to kill his brethren because he felt overruled, betrayed or enslaved to a system that he didn’t see fitting to his own desires. This was the uprising of a people who worked hard without any form of joy or happiness, mining coal and gems, which they would never see again once they left the caves.


I slowly moved away from the edge of the ship, and made my way to the mess hall. Gaudis and Glieps were in a heated debate with the captain. While my colleagues seemed to be hard on the offensive, the captain looked bizarrely calm, clearly not impressed by the two young men calling him out for whatever he was having a debate on.


“Comment osez-vous changer de cap sans nous en informer?” said Gaudis, furious. “Nous avions une destination claire, et ni moi ni Glieps ne vous avons donnés de nouvelles directives”


“ Je vous l’ai déjà dit, et je vous le répète, il est hors de question de voler vers Icarus. ” answered the captain. “La zone a été signalée comme à risque, je ne compte pas mettre l’équipage en danger.”


“ Et comme passer par Kutzenbach n’est pas une option non plus, vous comptez  faire un énorme détour et faire escale à Kallanos.” continued Glieps, his fur ruffling up.


“Risk?” I asked, interrupting the debate. “What risk?”


The captain turned around to face me, put a book on the table, and took a deep breath.


“A rogue camp of magical creatures has been spotted in the plains to the east of Icarus. The Empire having dealt with such creatures in the past, decided to blockade the entire region. And it’s a good thing too: a dragon has been spotted near the camp too. I’m not flying into dragon territory.”


“Dragons wouldn’t dare travel near Icarus” said Glieps. “Not with the dwarves of Drygalkarak so close.”


“I’m not leaving that to chance. I will not fly the Behemoth into dragon territory.”


The three men continued their bickering and arguing, with no signs of changing opinion. Dragons were no small threat, something I knew more than well. But why would a dragon travel to Icarus of all places? Glieps was right, the dwarves would have shot the beast down had it come to close, and most dragons in the region, from what I had been told by my new colleagues during our voyage to Keysington, knew of the danger that the dwarves posed to them… Unless… this wasn’t an old dragon, but a new and younger one…


I hastily walked to the communications bridge, and looked for the registry of messages received. The transcripts were ordered by the date and time of receipt, and it didn’t take long before I found an intermission signed by the Empire.


“ Les plaines suds de New-Stendel sont à présent une zone à risque. STOP.

Des créatures magiques non-identifiées ont installé un camp de guerre. STOP.

Un grand Naga bleu a été identifié dans le camp. STOP.

Tout navire aérien est déconseillé de voyager dans la zone. STOP

Des compensations terrestres seront mises à la disposition des marchands pour rejoindre Icarus. STOP

Sahbia est complètement inaccessible à pied ou par les airs, et les voies maritimes ne sont pas sécurisés. STOP


Soyez prudents,

Direction des voies Aériennes de L’Empire. STOP”


A blue naga… it couldn’t be… Ao ? Hikari’s dragon? Could it be that I had finally found one of the sisters? My body filled with glee and angst, my slime churning inside of me, boiling, spattering. I had found a clue to my quest…


My joy only lasted a few moments though, as the ship started to rattle and shake. The metal resonated and twisted along the welding seems, pipes filled with pressurized gas whistled and bowelled. I grabbed onto the railing leading to the outer door, and made my way outside. The sky had turned black, the wind was slapping the hull with all its might. There was no rain, there was no storm. A dark wind blackened by ash and soot filled the sky, plunging the air into an obscure mist filled with debris and dust. Something was burning. The coal in the air made it unbreathable. The masts rattled as they were pelted with sharpness, stones and sand. You couldn’t see anything but your feet.


I kept to the railing and made my way through the black fog toward the main cabin where I had left the captain and the others. As I tried opening the door, a large lump flew right into my face, with such a velocity that it passed right through my head, and continued its trajectory carried by the wind. I stumbled backwards, my vision started fading. As the lights dimmed around me, the door opened, and a figure tried carrying me back inside…


As I fell deep into darkness, I arrived into a small room, lit only by an open fireplace. The coals were slowly eating away at the freshly cut wood laying on top of them. The room had two arm chairs in front of the hearth, a small study covered in books and parchments, and a window bordered by two large red velvet curtains, one slightly covering the sill. The light coming from outside came from the moon reflecting onto a large open ocean, with an island in the background, burning. The hellfire was fading, and only a few faint orange sparks gave away the state of the damage that had occurred.


Sitting in one of the large armchairs was a rather large looking man, with a well-trimmed moustache and a pair of small spectacles on the tip of his nose. A dark yet warm and comforting aura emanated from him. He was clearly a wealthy and charismatic man, and from the different schematics I could see laying around the room, a man of science.


“Why hello my dear boy” he said, lifting his eyes from the book he was reading. “What have you brought me today?”


“This… this place… am I… dead?”


“Oh no young man, you are far from dead, just a little shaken up that’s all.”

He smiled, and offered me a seat. The hearth slowly warmed me up.


“Would you care for a drink?” he asked.


“Uhm… no thank you good sir… wh… who are you?”


“Well, I’m known by many names. Some might refer to me as a rather special engineer, other as a demon incarnate. I have been bestowed names such as Kar… oh, my bad, maybe I shouldn’t have said that one. You may call me Akuma.”


“Akuma...” I shuddered. “Are you in league with any of Orochi’s descendants?”


“Oh goodness no, do not worry, I do not come from the East, nor am I in the leagues of Orochi.”

I sighed in relief… but too soon.


“I am far worse than that old snake.” He added.

I froze. The air in the room suddenly felt a lot colder. My breath condensed as I exhaled, and cold sweat started dripping along my spine. The light slowly dimmed, but the man remained lit with a fiery aura.


“Do not worry” he said. “I have no intention of harming you. I was just excited to meet you.”


“Me? Why?”


“Oh, your purpose for me will be apparent soon enough. But that is not the reason I brought you here today. I heard you’ve taken on a quest of dragon spotting.”




“Very few remain on New-Stendel. Other than the two nagas protecting Amaterasu, you won’t find a lot of them. Yet, I would like to ask a favour of you.”


“A… favour?”


“Indeed.” He laid back into his chair, joining his hands, methodically examining me. “You see, I am willing to tell you the exact location of both Yami and Hikari, provided once your quest is over, you embark on a small other one for me.”


“A quest… For you to ask this of me, it mustn’t be without danger. Clearly a man of your stature doesn’t feel adventurous enough to undertake this challenge on his own.”

His eyes turned a deep amber, and though his face didn’t betray any emotion, I could sense an oppressing fury around me.


“You flatter me, but I have no fear of the outside.” He opened his book. I could see the drawing of a black shadow with what seen like large wings made of smoke and ash. “The eternal plague, the infernal shadow, the dark spectre… many names have been bestowed to this creature. The people in these lands know it as the symbol of a bygone era where an old alliance faced the Empire with no remorse. The task I entrust you with is rather simple. Find this elder dragon of old.”


“Find it. That’s it?”


“Well, when and if you find it, you won’t be alone, I’ll make sure of that. You’ll understand more what your task implies when it comes. For now, let me tell you what you want to know”.

He closed the book, and all the lights turned off. The room was pitch black, but the two hellfire orange eyes glowing in front of me, starring into my soul.


“Hikari has set up camp in the south of New Stendel, but you’ve learned that from the Empire’s telegram back on the Behemoth. Yami however moved her followers further away, and travelled to the far regions of the Miko Institute of Fairies and Yokai. Be very cautious Xadrow. We will meet again, sooner than you may think…” The lights suddenly disappeared. I opened my eyes.


I was on a bed in what looked like an infirmary. A bursting headache complimented a broken back and what seemed like a cast around my left arm. The room was filled with sunlight streaming through large windows. Nurses were coming in and out of the room, hastily, carrying large metal platters covered in bandages, potions and surgical instruments, while men dressed in robes were attending more patients. As I looked around, other people were laying on similar beds, but in what seemed a lot worse conditions than what I was in.


“T’es enfin réveillé?” asked a familiar voice. I turned, and Gaudis was sitting by my side, a goblet of beer in one of his hands.


“Where did you get that from?” I asked, smilling.


“Les moines ici ont de la plutôt bonne bière, et puis, ils me connaissent assez bien par ici. 


“Where are we anyhow?”


“ On est dans l’abbaye de Kélaire. On a réussi à convaincre le capitaine de nous apporter la, avec toi dans le coma ça n’a pas été trop compliqué. ”


“ Coma? How long was I out for?”


“Une semaine ou deux” he answered, with a stern expression.


An awkward silence formed, but it was soon broken by a monk.


“Ah, monsieur est enfin réveillé. Ce n’est pas que je veuille vous forcer la chose, mais pourrais-je savoir si monsieur est assuré en tant que citoyen de l’Empire ?


“ Allons bon père Joseph ! L’homme vient de se réveiller de deux semaines dans un coma et vous venez le tracasser avec de telles formalités ? Honteux je dis bien, honteux. ”


The priest moved away, clearly offended by Gaudis.


“Citizen of the Empire?”


“Ouais, en tant que citoyen tes frais médicaux sont couverts par l’état… mais t’inquiète pas, j’ai envoyé missive auprès des ministères adéquats. Avec un peu de chance tes documents arriverons d’ici quelques jours… on semaines, on ne sait jamais avec l’administration de l’Empire.”


I smiled. Me, a citizen of the Empire… who would have thought? All I knew is that it was another step forward, and that my quest would continue from there…






(*take care*)



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Bonjour je viens soutenir Xadrow qui est une personne très motivé sympathique et travailleur c'est pour cela qu'il mérite d'être citoyen donc +1 a toi


Cordialement Lugnasad

Citoyen dolenti

Sans nation du dominion

Bucheron et fier de l'être

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Good evening,


I'm happy to support my great fellow; Xadrow, he is one of the nicest person I have ever met, he deserve his rank of citizen for all his work done in this server. I have always been a great fan of his project and his work at Amaterasu, who is, we can say it, absolutly smashing! I wish him a great future and prosperity to his projects! I would rather like to work with him again and I'm sure this will happen in the future!


Good Luck


La Carpe

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*Ouvre le journal du Gorafiel et lis un articles sur le citoyen pitoyeux qu'est devenu Xadrow*

*Il se dit dans la tête*


Quoi lui citoyen ?

Mais on donne la citoyenneté à n'importe qui!

Franchement lui ! Mais il ne mérite pas cela !

Je veux dire un Slime ROUGE

Il est ROUGE !!!





Bon Hum c'est vrais que j'aime pas le rouge ... 

Et que mon jugement peut être un peu, tout petit peu altéré ...




Hey gerade mal sorry ...

C'est vrais Il a bien bosser, créer sa ville et remplis les yeux en devenant architecte d'une ville fantôme 

Il a aussi aider le Gorafield, et d'autre projet plus gros

Même un projet qui n'est pas encore sorti ( Wait ce serait du spoil là ? noooooon)


Mais, il reste ROUGE !



Et parce que c'est un Slime rouge il devrais être citoyen ... AU moins s'il est coupable il n'y aura aucun moyen pour lui de se cacher





Trève de plaisanterie.


Si il y  bien une personne que j'admire ici c'est lui, il me décrit certes comme son mentor, mais j’estime que l'élève à su dépasser son maître

On se connait depuis des lustres et pourtant j'ai l'impression de le redécouvrire chaque fois que l'on fait quelques choses ensemble.

Il à fait tellement de projet, Amaterasu, Akuma, Neo-Dominio, Kutzenbach, Notre future projet qu'on construit ensemble aussi, et j'en passe de ses prouesses


Xadrow, depuis le temps que je te poussa à faire cette Candidature, je te dit Scheisse pour l'avenir !


Et un grand, gros et magnifique Big up pour toi !

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Hellow !


Je viens plussoyer Xadrow. En effet, il est de ces joueurs que j'appelle les machines. Ces machines, il en existe de toutes espèces. Xadrow se trouve être une machine à construire, il ne s'arrête jamais ! De plus, force est de constater que quantité rime avec qualité chez lui. Entre Akuma Kyodai (et sa vidéo dans la demande de projet O_O), la rénovation complète de Amaterasu et enfin toutes les aides qu'il apporte pour le Dominion et ailleurs. Ça en fait des briques posées ! Et quelles briques !!

Maintenant, imaginez deux petites secondes que ce grand malade ait accès aux crafts menuisiers...  


Trêve de paraphrases ! Je donne un beau +1 à Xadrow qui mérite amplement ce grade de citoyen.


Le Gibbon.

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I have "verser une larme" when I see my name in "les remerciements".

Xadrow a été pour moi une excellente rencontre, aujourd'hui il est un grand ami à moi. Xadrow a su faire ses preuves sur le serveur et comment exposer ça ... AH comme ça :

AKUMA KYODAI : Un sublime projet qui évolue tranquillement à son rythme est dont l'architecture asiatique surpasse toute celle déjà existante. Et quand Xadrow fait quelque chose sur le serveur, il déconne pas avec nous et fait du travail de A à Z. Rien que sa demande de projet avec la vidéo était d'une qualité : WOoooow ! En plus j'étais dedans pour dire :P


AMATERASU : Rien à dire, c'est le même Papa et il a clairement sur faire d'excellente rénovation ... et sans casser les anciens tracés de la ville. Un travail titanesque et qu'il a travaillé seul pendant des mois et sans que la modération lui demande. Bref c'est sublime.


Xadrow n'a pas fais que briller par ses projets, il est également une personne fortement agréable, et très sympathique. Investi dans tout ce qu'il entreprend et très sérieux. Et impossible avec TheGaudis de réussir à le dévergonder un peu notre Xadrow. Il est impossible de le distraire ou de le guider vers le côté obscur de la force :P


Egalement un bon collègue au Gorafield où il s'investit beaucoup.




Je ne vais pas tourner autour du pot plus longtemps : Xadrow mérite totalement son passage au rang de Citoyen et il a fais ses preuves depuis bien longtemps.

Bisous mon slime rouge. Un jour tu finiras dans mes panneaux commerçants :P






l'homme qui a éradiqué toute sa famille côté slime vert.

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Konbanwa Xadrow-san,


(Voilà déjà qui épuise la moitié de mon japonais.   :mrgreen:)


Mon côté hautement narcissique et égocentrique me pousse tout d'abord à commenter ton délicieux RP, que j'ai grandement apprécié, et que tout le monde devrait lire, même si c'est écrit dans la langue des barbares agrammaticaux ! À bien des égards, je trouve ce petit bout de récit représentatif de cette charmante et élégante personne qu'est xadrow : un regard novateur et intéressant sur le monde de Minefield, faisant brillamment la jonction entre notre histoire et le présent. Oui, j'ai beaucoup aimé le petit instant "planification du voyage" relevé d'ailleurs par Stearnz, et oui, vous pouvez pousser la métaphore jusqu'à faire le lien avec Amaterasu. 


Mais avant de passer aux nombreuses et incroyables prouesses (on peut dire qu'avec xad on a des prouesses...en bloc \o/) de mon architecte en chef, quelques petits mots sur ce qui semble être le grand méchant de ton récit, celui qui se tapit littéralement au coeur des ténèbres.Qui est-il ? D'où vient-il ? D'où lui vient ce charme irrésistible et... Bon, ok, j'avoue : Xad, un gros poutou pour m'avoir intégré dans ton récit (enfin Karajan), j'espère qu'on aura l'occasion de travailler ensemble RPiquement prochainement, parce que, une fois encore, j'aime beaucoup !


Mais que serait soutenir Xadrow sans parler de ses constructions ? Je pourrais vous en faire un long exposé mais, hum, sérieusement ? Y-a-t-il vraiment besoin que je vous détaille l'awesomeness de ce type là quand on en vient à parler de build ? Allez plutôt voir ses screens, et quand votre hamster aura fini de sa balancer dans votre mâchoire grande ouverte (à cause de l'émerveillement) on en rediscutera. Vous l'aurez compris : He is the MAN. Il n'a pas refait Amaterasu pour rien, il n'est pas chef architecte du Dominion pour rien, quand Xadrow construit, rien ne le bloc ! (\o/ n°2)


C'est donc un grand, un inconditionnel, un terrifiant de splendeur immaculée (Oulah, faut que j'arrête...) soutien de ma part pour Xadrow. Passez le citoyen ou périssez dans les flammes !


Well...that escalated quickly   :mrgreen:


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Xadrow est une personne importante sur Minefield, il est toujours de bonne humeur et très posé.

De plus ses constructions impressionnantes tel que sur Amaterasu ou encore Akuma Kioday rendent le serveur encore plus beau !

Mais c'est également une personne généreuse qui souhaite partagé sont talents de builder !

Je te donne un gros +1 !

Bonne chance !

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Hello everyone,


I'm am here today to support Xadrow in his application to become a minefield citizen. And thanks to me being english, I have read your application and even your RP. And I love it. You have, in my opinon anyway, one of the best RPs on Minefield. You are a very talented builder aswell. I could only dream of being that good. So even if I don't know you very well, I still wanted to come here and show my support. You're not one of these ordenairy people who come on to the server and six weeks later there already a citizen, you didn't follow others in paths that were already dug. You made your own, and I think you're going to make it a long way.


I wish you the best of luck.


And yeah, sorry for my spelling ^^

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Bonjour, je viens soutenir mon ami, mon confrère xadrow, xad' est un toujours connu de part et d'autres grâce à ce qu'il a fait sur Amaterasu, il est aussi dirigeant de son propre projet (logique xD) qui est Akuma Kyodai et oui un projet japonais vraiment magnifique ! :D 

C'est aussi un des architectes les plus talentueux que je connaisse sur minefield ! Que ce soit pour n'importe quelle type de construction il est le meilleur ! :) 

C'est aussi un joueur très sympathique avec qui l'on peut bien s'amuser sur mumble ou même Ig ! 

Voilà donc tout ça pour dire que je soutiens xadrow est un joueur méritant le grade citoyen ! Bonne chance à toi l'ami !


PS : Quand tu passeras citoyen je te ferais un cadeau sur ton projet ! :)


Cordialement, Coco_Kid

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Je venais à la base soutenir Xadrow, mais après lecture de sa candidature... Je tombe des nues, non seulement il a commencé un superbe projet.

Mais en plus il a aidé à rénover Amateratsu.


Je n'avais strictement aucune idée de l'ampleur de l'investissement de Xadrow. Je pensais qu'il méritait largement son grade de citoyens, et c'est toujours le cas.


L'essentiel du personnage à déjà été peinte par mes comparses.


Un grand plussain en tout cas.

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Je viens ici aujourd'hui plussoyer l'ami Xadrow, joueur fort sympatique que j'ai rencontrer grâce au Neo Dominion, la refonte d'Amaterasu prouve sa motivation et son dévouement pour Minefield!

Il a aussi un très beau projet, qu'est Akuma Kyodai.


Donc pour moi, c'est un enorme +1 pour Xadrow, le slime de sang, qui mérite amplement le grade de Citoyen!



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Je ne connais pas Xadrow personnellement, mais j'ai beaucoup entendu parler de lui.

Depuis que ce joueur est arrivé sur Minefield, il s'est démarqué par ses écrits uniquement anglais, pour certains ca peux paraître étrange, mais j'aime l’originalité dont il à fait preuve.


Ensuite, il à lancé son projet (dont j'ai du mal avec le nom) et l'architecture qu'il nous à sorti ce jour la... wow

Bref, quand on prends ceci en compte, ainsi que les commentaires très positifs que l'on entends sur ce joueur, Xadrow mérite amplement son grade de citoyen.


Bon courage pour la suite, et continue de nous impressionner avec ton architecture ;)

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Je viens soutenir Xadrow dans sa demande du grade de Citoyen.

Je ne le connais pas personnellement mais j'ai déjà eu l'occasion de le rencontrer et de voir ses actions sur Minefield. C'est clairement un joueur très investit dans tout ce qu'il fait, très bon en architecture, son projet Akuma Kyodai en est bien la preuve. Son grade de citoyen lui permettra d'avoir le métier qu'il souhaite et dont il fera très certainement bon usage.

C'est aussi un joueur sympathique que ce soit sur mumble ou IG !


Un énorme +1 pour toi !

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